IP Transit

Ace Data Centers knows we must earn your business every day. Our IP Transit solution removes the barriers in choosing a new provider.

  • No long term contracts
  • No installation costs
  • Pay for what you use monthly using 95/5 calculations, no bursting surcharges!
  • Very competitive price per Mbps
  • Service delivered on GigE or 10GigE Physical Ports
  • Brocade MLX Series of advanced routers as network platform
  • Nationwide IP backbone
  • Located in carrier hotel facilities
  • High-volume Internet connectivity and growing
  • IP transit from multiple Tier-1 backbones
  • Several carriers for backbone circuit diversity
  • IPv4 and IPv6 service available
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Routing Tabled
  • Internet service offers chassis redundancy
  • BGP or static routing
  • Carrier neutral facility offering direct access
  • Service available in all major US Markets
  • NOC 7x24x365
  • ASN 11798

We offer substantial savings and benefits over what most companies are receiving from their current bandwidth providers. We don't require long-term contracts to sign and will beat any deal you currently have. We never sur-charge for bursting, so your monthly commits to ACE DC are reasonable in case flexibility in your usage model is required.

Why go with a single provider that requires a long-term contract with high commits, when you can receive multi-homed, redundant connections from ACE DC while still giving you the flexibility to manage your business without an annually renewable contract?

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Blended bandwidth

Ace uses bandwidth from several Teir 1 providers and peering networks to provide a superior, multi-homed redundant bandwidth solution. Available in capacity options from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, ACE's blended bandwidth gives you a highly reliable connection to the Internet and keeps your mission-critical business applications always-on.


Peering Network

With in excess of 140 bilateral peering networks, the goal is to peer as much traffic as possible directly with the network it was intended.